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Dog Training Philosophy
You can have a well trained dog with positive, dog friendly, and safe methods



Linda Lukens' approach to dog training is an eclectic, positive, and holistic one, stemming from her extensive and varied background. 

Believing strongly in humane, motivational,  positive and kind dog training techniques, with the clicker as one of her main tools. Positive training does not lack structure or rules.

Dogs trained with positive techniques respect their owners and are reliable, and are happier and more enthusiastic about training than dogs trained with force and punishment.

Due to Linda's 37 years of experience, though originally trained in punishment based methods, she has moved away from these techniques due to the inherent risks of harm to the dog, and the unwanted possible negative fallout from physically punishing techniques. Not to mention that these techniques based on force and punishment, and not reward and reinforcement, are 30 to 40 years old.


Dog Training, like any other field, has grown and changed as our understanding of dog's behavior has increased. Punishment based or dominance based training is now considered very old school and can cause more harm that good.

Linda has a deep commitment not only to training your dog but also to enriching the relationship between your dog and your family.

Lessons with Linda are a fun and educational experience. Her experience in solving behavior problems is extensive, from working with aggression to helping housebreak your brand new pup.

She has trained dogs successfully from eight weeks of age to 12 years. Linda provides a systematic,  kind, & intelligent approach whose aim is to solve your dog's problems and make your dog an enjoyable family companion. You will also learn how to satisfy all of your dog's needs, and enrich his/her environment, and management techniques that make life with a dog easier and less stressful.

"Dedicated to closing the communication gap between you and your dog"     

       E-mail me at:  cgdogtraining@gmail.com

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