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Pet Quotes, Stories, Poems and more

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I  will put your stories, poems, or memorial to a beloved pet who has passed in this section. Make an observation, tell us what you have learned from your dog, or about your dog

"My boyfriend and I rescued our dog Biscuit from a shelter. I'm not sure Biscuit would have ever ended up in a shelter had she been trained to beging with. After this experience, I feel strongly that all dogs should be trained to some degree. I think training dogs and educating dog owners of dog behavior would help prevent the shelter from being so full with dogs thought to be unruly. I originally thought I made a grave mistake in adopting Biscuit, and that seh was impossible. Now, after training, I can't help falling in love with her."     


Denise, Brewster, NY

Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend  -   Corey Ford

In order to truly enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely train him to become semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.  -  Edward Hoagland

If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater...suggest that he wear a tail  -  Fran Lebowitz

Some days you're the dog; some days you're the hydrant  -  Unknown

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went  -  Unknown

Ohio Bandit

You came to me when life was dark, my last furred friend just gone to sleep.

A rescue dog is what you were, your whole two years so hard and cold.

Through many states you rode to me, the gentle soul they said you were.


Your amber eyes were filled with fear, your feathered tail tucked 'tween your legs.

You ran and sniffed and sniffed and ran, 'til your legs could run no more.

On my bed you slept that night, not too close and yet not too far.

Your face averted from my kiss, you could not know what would someday be.


In these few months, my beloved pup, you've come to guess you might be safe.

Your scraggly fur now velvet soft, your face pressed close to feel the warmth.

A wagging tail, a tummy up, you look at me with almost trust.

You lick my face with clear delight, you even know to give your paw.

When tonight we go to sleep, I will know You Rescued Me. 


Thank you, thank you, to all of my students and their dogs. Through the years I have learned so much from all of you, the teaching experience is really a two-way street. I am honored that you chose me to help you, and grateful for the trust you placed in me. I am happy for the time we shared together, you, your dogs, and family, are all precious to me. You have all worked hard to turn your dogs into well-behaved pets, and I applaud your responsible and caring patience in the training of your furry loved ones.To all of you who have rescued a dog from a shelter, you have truly saved a life, I send my special thanks to you.

In deepest gratitude,

Namaste,  Linda Lukens

I wonder if other dogs think Poodles are members of a weird religious cult  -  Rita Rudner

Never trust a dog to watch your food.  -  Patrick, age 10, Advice from kids

Mammals All

In the still warmth of the afternoon,

sunlight streams upon us.

White fragrant fur pressed against bended knee,

black head on hipbone resting.

Cats tucked and purring in the nest of my arms,

bedclothes soft and rumpled.

My clan and I, mammals all,

Breathe in

Breathe out

And enter our dreams together.

Linda Lukens

The Meaning of Rescue
(adapted from a Poem on the Labrador Retriever Rescue Club of Hudson Valley)

Now that I’m home, bathed, settled & fed,
all nicely tucked in, and curled up on my bed.
I’d like to open my baggage, lest I forget.
There was so much to carry, so much to regret.
Hmm, yes, there it is, right on the top,
it’s Loneliness, Heartache, Emptiness and Loss
And there by my leash hides Fear and Shame,
But who else but me can I possibly blame?
As I look on these things I try so hard to leave,
I still have to unpack baggage like Pain, and I grieve
I loved them, the others, the ones who left me,
but I wasn’t good enough, for they didn’t want me.
Will you lessen my baggage and help me unpack?
Or will you look at my things, and take me right back?
Do you have the time to help me recover?
To put away my baggage, to never uncover?
I pray that you do.  I’m so tired you see
But I do come with baggage.  Do you still want me?

 Submitted by, Caroline Saxton

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