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Common Ground Dog Training customer comments

Shortly after the passing of my first dog, I ventured out again and got a new puppy, Chester.  I was so grateful to feel happy again that I let the puppy control me and my life.  I did not even notice how out of control he was until I told a friend of mine what a "good dog" he was.  After hearing me tell her stories about Chester did this bad thing and Chester did that bad thing, she said: "wait a minute, Chester is NOT a good dog".  He is a sweet dog but definitely not a good dog.  It was then that I realized I needed help.
Fortunately for me (and Chester), I met Linda and she brought order back to my life.  Her firm but caring style worked wonders with Chester.  One of the things that Linda emphasized the most were consistency and boundaries, and I have never forgotten that in my training with Chester. I was so pleased with Linda and her training style that I will be using her services again for my new puppy Sophy.        Frances & "Chester"  Carmel, NY
Catherine Grace 3:27pm May 13
Hi! Just thought I'd catch you up on Simon's "situation". He is now around nine years old, and I think age is really working for him in the sense of calming him down. He takes only one Clomipramine a day now, and when outside and off the leash he is extremely well behaved! He's always well-behaved on the leash, naturally.

I will never trust him around another dog on the property, of course; and he still has his crate and gate to prevent him from escaping should a "rival" dog appear on his property. But the training you provided has made both of us extremely happy and comfortable with each other, both outside and in the house.

I can still teach him new tricks, too (we just rather quickly learned "no bark"), and both of us are so incredibly thankful that you helped us learn how to be good companions for each other! You literally saved 
his life, you know

Thank you so very, very much for your wisdom and your dedication to happy, healthy animal/human relationships!


Linda is GREAT! I’m a first-time puppy owner and my baby Jack Russell would have taken over my house if it weren’t for Linda. Lola responded to Linda in the first few minutes of the first lesson. She showed me how to train my dog in a gentle and kind way. Linda has made Lola a pleasure to be around. Thank You, Linda.   Jennifer & "Lola"  Pawling, NY



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