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Common Ground Dog Training customer comments

 Linda is the best! She has worked with two of my dogs, and the

results were fantastic. My Simon was a tough one and without

Linda's help I would be pulling my hair out. Common Ground has

worked with me and my dogs both privately and in Group classes

(which are a lot of fun). Having the dogs trained to this level with

Linda has made them a real pleasure.


 Roger Payne, Chappaqua, NY 

Linda was truly my saving grace. I was a little gun shy about getting

another dog. I had a bad experience with a previous dog who had

clearly been bred too close, before I got my current puppy. Linda came

over, put my new puppy through a series of tests, and put my mind

totally at ease. She reassured me my puppy was fine and agreed to

work with me in some basic training techniques. I saw progress

immediately. Linda has a special talent and a year later, I have a

great dog to prove it!! Thanks again


 Annie McAliney, Westchester 

You're the best Linda. Thank you so much for your knowledge,

your genuine concern and commitment, and your very special

willingness and ability to think outside the box when all else failed

with my very problematic puppy. I will be forever grateful.


 Deb, Somers, NY

Linda's intelligent and humane approach has made her a big hit with us, and all

six of our dogs. I would recommend her highly.

 Grayson Schwartz, Greenwich CT

I have known Linda for over 32 years. I have watched her develop

from a person who has always had a deep love and respect for

animals and their integrity as living individual beings, to an extremely

competent, successfully experienced, totally committed professional

Her devotion to her craft and her abilities are incomparable and time tested .

She is honest, sincere, and absolutely a rare combination of skill and

performance due to her intelligence, experience, and love of her work.

She has boarded, and trained my precious (and hard headed) Golden

Retriever "Ranger" on many occasions.


 Hank Horowitz, Yorktown Heights, NY

Linda is a gifted teacher...having the talent to train dogs is one of her

qualities but her gift is how she weaves the owners into the training

process through her gentleness. Also her humor is delightful! Thank you

for a great class-keep bringing owners and dogs together!


 Lisa Smith- "Marley"

7 years ago we adopted a wonderful Akita male who was literally on death

row in a Ct shelter. We called a few trainers but felt a bit uneasy with their

personalities and methods. Our boy, Theo, was fear aggressive and very

needy. We met Linda at that time and instantly, we knew that Theo and

Theo's parents were in the very best hands! His training went flawlessley

and to this day, 7 years later, we still employ the tactics taught to us back

in '97! The best part, Linda and Jonathan have become our closest friends,

we just spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with them and are fortunate to have

these incredible and interesting folks in our lives! Some people enrich our

lives and I must say that LL is one of them.


 Scott & Debbie Goldman, Mt. Kisco, NY 

Did you know???? The average dog has over 200 million scent receptors in its nasal folds, compared to a human's 5 million.

A dog's nose is moist to help capture scent. A large part of the dog's brain is devoted to interpreting scent, as smell is the dog's most advanced sense. A dog's sense of smell is so acute that it can detect and identify odors that are so dilute that even the most sensitive scientific instruments cannot measure them. Dog's use their nose for us to work as rescue dogs, and drug and bomb detection.  Dogs are used as service dogs for humans with seizure disorders, they can detect an oncoming seizure and warn their owner to sit down and get help. Could they be using their sense of smell for this? Research is also being done with certain dogs that seem to be able to detect the presence of cancer cells in lab studies.

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