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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

06:30 PM  
Spring Classes at Carmel High School


Carmel H.S Continuing Ed Beginner Dog Training-click for info
Beginner, Basic Manners Dog Obedience Class, suitable for both puppies and adult beginner dogs. Puppies must have 1st two Distemper Combo vaccines. Adult dogs must be up to date on vaccines.


Class takes place at: Carmel High School, 30 Fair Street, Carmel, NY 10512

Outside of Room 121 in an open, corner hallway (very spacious)

Parking: Side lot


To register contact:

Rosey Mitchell
Director Continuing Education
(845)225-8441 Ext 450
Or download Registration form on-line @
Registration will be accepted by mail or in-person registration will be held
September 11 & 12 5:30 - 7 at Carmel High School in the library.
  • You must call me after registering: 845 228-0341 or 914 329-5902 for a screening conversation..
  • Equipment required:
  • Clicker (Available for sale at class)
  • 6 ft. long, flat, cotton web or leather leash
    (Leashes for sale at class)
  • Regular collar (no choke or pinch collars please)
  • Treat pouch -this is required, no treats in pockets please
  • Available for sale at class
  • Treats (no dog biscuits, please!) I also recommend hot dogs, cut up into tiny pieces, place on paper towels in microwave, and nuke for 3 minutes until they dry and harden. Other recommended treats are Freeze-dried liver, Solid Gold tiny tots, freeze-dried chicken, turkey or duck breast, or Baa Baa Baa-b-ques(beef lung).

  • Please wear flat, sensible shoes
  • Clicker (available at class for $3.00 Treat pouches  $3.00
  • Please bring small bills or exact change for clickers, thanks!

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