May 8, 2014 @ 1:12 AM

Tulip has come a long way in two short weeks. I will talk about housetraining, first thing on every puppy owners agenda, and on ours as well.

Tulip has been more difficult than my previous three Standard Poodles from the same breeder. They were all housetrained in a week. This does not mean they could hold it for a long time, as they were only eight weeks with tiny bladders, and had to go out to wee frequently. They had only a few mistakes in the house, and after that they clearly asked to go out, and held it until they were outside. All three slept through a seven hour night in their crates which are kept in our bedroom, where all puppies are most comfortable. They never cried in their crates, as they were near us and felt secure. I ......

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