September 18, 2012 @ 8:32 PM




One of the true seeds or foundational behaviors  for a well trained dog is the ability of the dog to pay attention. Nothing can be learned without this important foundational building block. Start right away, no time to waste.

Start in the house or other non-distracting environment. Throughout your time with your dog, when he/she is near you, say his/her name, and when she looks at you, click and treat. Be sure your dog looks into your eyes, and make your treat a great one. Walk away, say name again, and when dog follows and looks at you, click treat again. Repeat throughout your time together, but don't overdo, spread this exercise out during your time together.
If you have a dog that is not very responsive to above method, try this alternate way of teaching attention. With a yummy treat in your hand, put the treat near the dogs nose, and then draw your dog's gaze upward to your eyes. Put treat near the outer corner of your eye, say name when dog follows treat to your eyes with his, and click and treat. Remember, yummy, yummy treats are important.


You are not only working on name recognition, but planting the seeds for a dog that will pay attention and thus be an exceptional learner for all future commands and work.