Bite prevention video
How to speak dog

This is a great video from the website: Doggone

Watch this with your children to learn how to read a dog's body language, and please,  be safe. Go to their website to learn more information about dog's body language, bite prevention, dog and children safety tips, as well as bringing home baby.


Dog's do try to communicate with us through their body language and facial expressions, unfortunately, most human's do not speak dog. Let this video help you and your family become more dog savvy.

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Clicker Training a Wild Coatimundi

Cinematic's 1st soccer lesson

Communicating with your dog: Did you know:


Many owners consider hand signals more advanced and a fancier and more impressive way to communicate with thier dogs. The reality is dogs understand hand signals much more quickly and easily than verbal commands. The reason is they communicate with other dogs and us using their body, having no spoken language. So hand signals and proper use of your body are more easily understood by all dogs and pups. Verbal commands alone are actually a higher skill level for dog and owner.





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