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Positive, gentle, dog obedience clicker training and puppy training in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess Counties & Orange Counties in NY, Fairfield County, CT, Danbury, Greenwich &  Stamford


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37 years experience helping dogs and their owners achieve a happy and stress-free relationship


Dog Obedience Training and Puppy Training emphasizing basic good manners,  as well as gentle, effective and safe problem solution

Is your dog or puppy having problems getting potty trained?

I have 38 years experience helping with potty training for puppies and potty training for dogs. 

Let us help you  "Close the communication gap between you and your dog"

All ASPCA & Humane Society approved "clicker training" method's

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New blog post on my new puppy, Dharma. Follow along for lot's of free training tips and to see a trainer's journey with her own puppy. 

Training your puppy early, as young as 8 weeks, sets both of you on the right path toward a lifetime of happiness and true communication. No need to wait with my positive, proven & puppy appropriate methods.

Is your puppy nipping and biting? My positive, dog friendly techniques help quickly with puppy biting and nipping. 


Dog Training and Puppy Training which will strengthen your bond, enhance your connection, and truly form a "Best Friend" partnership with your dog or puppy. 

Recent client review

"I can't really say enough positive things about my experience with Linda. She gave me the confidence that I needed as the owner of s strong-willed husky pup and mother of two active young boys to create a safe and harmonious home for everyone. She temperament-tested our dog, and helped me to better understand her behavior and the ways in which she was trying to communicate with us.The tools that Linda gave me helped me to take a leadership role with my puppy and the children in a calm, positive fashion. Within a week after our first training session, my dog's behavior and responsiveness to me improved dramatically, and  the trust in our relationship blossomed. Talking to Linda helped me to gain a new perspective on pet ownership and the role that the entire family should play in making it work. It is not an overstatement to say that her work turned the entire experience around for us. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"


Naomi  Lindberg
North Salem, NY

Linda graduated top of her class at a Certified Dog Training School
Linda is a seminar graduate with Dr. Katherine A. Houpt at Cornell University
Linda learned how to clicker train with the "Mother of Clicker Training", Karen Pryor

Member of National Institute of Canine Experts

Did you start your search for help with your dog by looking for a dog trainer near me?

I have a large service area, and come to your home, so yes, I am near you.

 Individual in-home training lessons, in the comfort and convenience of your home, are available in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange County in NY, as well as Fairfield County, CT.  




Holistic &  positive methods work wonders - Learn how to whisper, not shout, using body language and consistent cues your dog will understandmethodsStrenght 


"You're the best Linda. Thank you so much for your knowledge, your genuine concern and commitment, and your very special willingness and ability to think outside the box when all else failed with my very problematic puppy. I will be forever grateful." Deb  Westchester, NY Somers, NY 


      Five Star Review

"We were impressed with Linda's approach from the first time we met her. On the phone scheduling the appointment she relieved my stress over our current situation and said she would do what she could help us. At the first appointment, Linda stayed with us for over 2 hours until we were all satisfied we had begun our training and knew what we would have to do until the next training. She relieved the stress our whole family was having because we had something to work on constructively. We knew from this night we would have 4 more sessions. Linda is very open and was able to give criticism in a positive way. She also would have us perform the training so when she left we would know what to do since we had done several drills ourselves. In order to actually learn you have to do the tasks yourself. Linda was very patient and practical. We liked that she came to our house since that is where we spend the most time with our dog. Doing this she was able to see how our dog was actually acting in his own environment." Dave B   Westchester, NY



Training done with love, kindness, and positive methods is totally effective and has no unwanted side effects 



Receive a 10% Discount if you own a rescue dog on all private lesson services.  

Free phone consultation and evaluation: 845 228-0341 or 914 329-5902

Dog Behavior Problems a Specialty

Click here to get help with the confusion of how to choose a dog trainer. 

Dog Training Group Obedience Classes. Classes in Putnam County, NY

Dog Training classes are a great way to socialize your dog with other dogs, as well as a nice opportunity for you to make some lasting friendships with other owners.

In my classes, you will learn the theory behind the methods, discussion of different breeds in class, and how to read and understand your dog's body language. You will increase end enhance your ability to understand and be better understood by your dog. And, you will have fun while doing so!

New: Graduation photo with graduation cap available, dated, with graduation details, suitable for framing  

(845) 228-0341 or (914) 329-5902

Adopt A Dog's September "Putttin' On The Dog Show"

Linda with winner of her class "Doggie Musical Chairs"



Fun and confidence building agility training in my Intermediate obedience classes. I am also offering fun agility during in home, private lessons.

"Linda is GREAT! I’m a first-time puppy owner and my baby Jack Russell would have taken over my house if it weren’t for Linda. Lola responded to Linda in the first few minutes of the first lesson. She showed me how to train my dog in a gentle and kind way. Linda has made Lola a pleasure to be around. Thank You Linda. " Jennifer & "Lola" , Dutchess, NY

Member of ASPCA

New: Local and National Dog Training Phone Consultations

E-mail me at cgdogtraining@gmail.com

I also have a Facebook Group page, please join to receive tips, updates, and dog related news.

Dog Training, with an emphasis on clicker training, for Puppies through Adult dogs 


17 years of experience using Clicker Training methods  

    in clicker training dogs, and clicker training puppies.

In home lessons with Linda include unlimited phone, email support & text support

 Discounted dog training packages   

Do I offer affordable dog training near you? Yes I do. My travel range is 60 miles, please see my "service area page"


 For a lifetime filled with the joy a well-behaved dog 

Which problems do I work with? Every problem

  • potty training for puppies and older dogs
  • jumping
  • nipping
  • biting
  • house training
  • training your dog to come
  • crate training
  • running away  
  • dog training for aggressive dogs       Any and all problems humanely                                                                                  solved 
  • stealing 
  • chewing
  • counter-surfing
  • unruly behavior
  • separation anxiety
  • pulling on leash
  • new baby issues
  • dog fighting issues
  • attention seeking behavior
  • reactivity
  • aggressive behaviors-growling, snarling, snapping, biting 
  • Nervousness, shyness. submissive urination-Clicker training works at a deep emotional level that will help with fear, phobias, aggression and shyness.  

Correcting behaviors just suppresses your dog's symptoms, together we will get to the root of the problem for permanent problem solution


Do you offer Service Dog Training?

Yes, I have trained many service dogs

Canine Good Citizen Dog Training which will get you started making your beloved pet one you can share with others as a "Therapy dog" can also be your first step toward having your dog be

  • Do I train other pets? Yes,I am not limited to dogs alone. My positive & proven methods can be used in cat training, and solving cat behavioral problems.

    I have experience with parrots and offer Parrot training, as well as parrot behavior problem solution

Director: Linda Lukens.

Serving Mid-Hudson valley NY: Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess & Orange Counties

In Connecticut: Fairfield County, Danbury area, Greenwich and Stamford

Welcome to Common Ground Dog Training's site. Browse around to discover what I have to offer, philosophy and background, clicker training, FAQS, answers to questions about dog training, in-home lessons description, info about group obedience classes, locations of classes, customer comments, training articles,

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A work still in progress, just for fun, a hodgepodge of dog and other animals training videos:

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Such an important talk. "What every person can learn from dog training"





  •  "Dog's are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole" Roger Caras

Alpha, Schmalpha: Here is a good link explaining the newest scientific research on wolves, and how scientists no longer use the term "alpha". This is also applicable to dogs, as they are essentially domesticated wolves.

So much of the punishment based training theory was based on a human created wolf pack, the Druid Pack in Yellowstone, which was studied and written extensively about.

Unrelated wolves will fight for dominance, but that is an unnatural situation. Wolves actually live in family groups, like people, and the pups and juvenile young respect Mom and Dad as we respect our parents. This is based on a new study in Nanavut on Ellesmere Island. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNtFgdwTsbU




Cinematic, 1st summer we had him.

Now offering clicker training for horses. Book your individual lessons with me to learn how to have a more positive partnership with your horse.

Also offering "Clicker Training for Horses" seminars at your training and boarding facility. In Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess & Orange County in NY as well as Fairfield County, CT.

Interesting Dog Facts

There are currently 74.8 million pet dogs in the United States.Some 44.8 million U.S. households own a dog. 


Update 3/4/17"Tulip" No longer a puppy, but I love this photo. Funniest dog I have ever had, and a very high drive girl. I share my life & love with my husband Jonathan, our three dogs Kashmir, Lola, and Tulip.


Update: Kashmir and Lola both passed away in September 2017. We are beyond distraught. They died within a month of each other. We also lost our senior cat, Chai in October. This has been a terrible time for us all.


We have a new puppy boy, a brown Standard Poodle named Dharma. He is a wonderful puppy, and is helping us through this sad time. We are so grateful to have added him to our family.


Our three cats, and my much loved 34 year old Blue and Gold Macaw, Albert (who we learned was actually a female, when she started to lay eggs). Whoops, I can't forget Cinematic, my beloved and complicated Off Track Thoroughbred Racehorse, that we rescued 6 years ago. Also a pond we built, filled with 6 huge Koi, in our garden. Love them all. Each and every one.










* Brand New & Exciting: I am offering Horse Clicker Training Seminars at your Horse Training Facility.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you and your students learn the basics. Add this new, exciting and positive way to train horses to your "Toolbox". *

I am so excited to bring a proven and humane behavioral perspective to the horses & their owners. Wonderful method to solve problems 















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